ZEN BUDDHA | Zen buddhist meditation

ZEN BUDDHA | Zen buddhist meditation

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Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation brings insight. It purifies the mind of mental factors that cause Suffering. It is a system of mental training that cultivates Wisdom and Mindfulness. Vipassana Meditation can be applied in many circumstances as it is the art of single object Meditation.

It is mindfully observing that what arises as predominant object. This can be bodily actions, feelings, thoughts or emotions. Whether these are positive or negative nothing is surpressed.

Through Vipassana one practices to become the Ultimate Observer. To see Reality as it is, which is that our Hapiness does not depend on external circumstances. Hence trying to change things in the outer world will eventually not help to make you happier. You only have to see yourself clearly.

By active practice of Insight Meditation one learns to detach from physical and mental phenomena. The more detached the less you will be driven by desire and fear. By Vipassana practice one will live with more Equanimity a happier and more fulfilling life. Eventually a 100% right practice would lead to Enlightenment.

Insight Meditation focusses on Presence, the present moment. During Vipassana Meditation it is the challenge to stay in the present to the most extreme degree possible. It consists of observing body and mind with full attention and is also known as the ultimate confrontation with Reality.

Vipassana Meditation Technique

Vipassana Meditation takes a lot of practice if you are eager to understand how to perform the Meditation please check:

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