ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

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Buddha Zen tarot


Integrity goes beyond honesty. Honesty is conforming our words to Reality. Integrity is conforming Reality to our words. Think, speak and act in Harmony with your own principles.

Integrity means whole & complete. Something that works as it is supposed to be. Integrity is about effectiveness.

Become truly effective by displaying Integrity. Do what you promised, in the way you promised and at the time you promised to do so.

Most people see Integrity as an aspiration, not as a necessity. But do understand there will be no Trust in a relationship without Integrity. Consequently without Trust in a relationship there is no respect and understanding.

If you are not able to keep your word, communicate this immediately. And if you create a problem for the other, because you are not keeping your word, see what you can do to minimize the impact for the other.

Watch out for opportunism as a single lie destroys a whole reputation of Integrity and hence your personal effectiveness as well.

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