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Dana - the act of generosity

Namaste Noble Visitor!

As you have arrived at this page it seems you Experience an inner feeling of abundance - the feeling that you wish to share with a generous heart. Zen Buddha congratulates you with that great feeling of Generosity. Below you find more information about the beautiful concept of Dana and how it works

The concept of Dana

Dana stands for giving. Giving in any form you may think of. It is the Buddhist Practice of cultivating unattached and unconditional Generosity. According to the Buddha cultivation of Generosity is the beginning of spiritual awakening. The Buddha always started his teachings with a discourse on Generosity. Giving is known as the act of Dana. Its effect is purifying and transforming the mind of the giver.

Zen Buddha and the concept of Dana

Zen Buddha's way of Dana is to share Compassion and Wisdom. Zen Buddha's mission is to reach out to as many people as possible as Zen Buddha believes the Buddhist Teachings will benefit the world. If you feel the same way you can consider the next options to Practice your Generosity.

Dana - Generous option 1

Sharing the existence of Zen Buddha offline with others. Breathe, speak and live Zen Buddha's message in your daily life. Tell others about our existence!

Dana - Generous option 2

Sharing the existence of Zen Buddha online with others.

Dana - Generous option 3

Donate financially in order for Zen Buddha to grow and for Zen Buddha to make a Right Livelihood being able to share this message across the world.

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Dana - Generous option 4

Provide your feedback to us. With your feedback we can optimise our website and enhance the Experience of our visitors. This will enable us to reach our mission, namely to reach out to as many people as possible with the message of the Buddha.

Please help us out here

Dana - Generous option 5

Sharing the existence of our online platform at another website. The more sites refer to us the more people will be able to find Zen Buddha! Please use the link below (and if you wish our logo) to create a link to our website. If you do not own a website yourself, consider who does in your surroundings.

Link: http://www.zen-buddha.com


Dana - Generous option 6

Dana in a form you see as appropriate. Zen Buddha would be very grateful to hear what your creative way of Dana looks like. Please let us know at namaste@zen-buddha.com

Zen Buddha would like to express its Gratitude to you. Thank you for your Loving Kindness and Compassion.