ZEN BUDDHA | Zen Buddhist Meditation

ZEN BUDDHA | Zen Buddhist Meditation

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Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation is the Practice to attain more peace and balance in your life. As Zen Buddha its mission is to support you in your spiritual development and Experience the joy of Mindfulness more continuously throughout your life Zen Buddha presents the two most known and effective Buddhist Meditation techniques, namely Vipassana Meditation and Metta Meditation. Meditation is necessary to attain more peace and balance as it enables the practitioner to truly understand the Buddha Teachings. Without practice the Buddha Teachings will remain only a conceptual object. Hence Zen Buddha cleary recognises the importance of practice of Buddhist Meditation and encourages you to practice. Remember the mind is just like a muscle you will need to train it with Courageous Effort and Right Concentration in order to attain Stillness.

Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation means insight into your mind, hence it is also known as Insight Meditation. To see your own mind clearly is to see ultimate Reality. The Buddha discovered that by seeing things as they really are you can end Suffering and attain Enlightenment. The solutions to our problems are from within. By practising Vipassana Meditation you attain insight. You will become more and more aware that external circumstances are not the cause of your problems. It is just your own response to any circumstance and you are able to choose what response that is. Click on the button to read more about Vipassana Meditation


Loving Kindess Meditation

Metta Meditation is meant to cultivate more Loving Kindness towards yourself and others. Hence it is also known as Loving Kindness Meditation. By practising Metta Meditation you attain a higher awareness of a warm-hearted and loving feeling. One recites specific phrases during Loving Kindness Meditation. The positive, loving phrases are the Focus of the Mediation. The strength of this Meditation is not limited to yourself. You start by focussing on the positive, loving thoughts towards yourself and once you experience a boundless warm-hearted feeling you extend your Metta Meditation towards others. Click on the button to read more about Metta Meditation

Metta mediation