ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

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Buddha Zen tarot


The natural state of you is Stillness. Just as the water in the lake depicted in this card. Stillness leads to a perfect reflection of the mountain in the water.

Often our mind is not in this natural state of Stillness. Our mind looks like water in a glass when you shake it. Disturbed and restless. However, once you stop shaking it returns to Stillness, its natural state. Let go of disturbing thoughts through Meditation. Focus on The Now, Focus on your breath, Focus on being.

Disturbing thoughts arise when your mind is distracted from the Now. If that happens your mind is occupied with thoughts about the past or wandering in the future. Often these thoughts are not constructive. So remember, the only moment is Now. You think about the past in The Now and you think about the future in the Now. Also, when the future arrives it is the Now. This does not imply that you should not plan for the future. There is a difference however between 'physical time' and 'psychological time'. The first concept is the time you need to plan to arrive at a certain place. An example is a meeting tomorrow at noon. It is worthwhile to plan how to get there and by which means of transportation. Psychological time would be the time that you are planning multiple scenarios of how the meeting might evolve. As you might know from experience even if you make up a thousand scenarios, none of them will materialize exactly in the way as you had imagined. Hence Focus on the Now and Trust in yourself and a good outcome.

Stillness is an ever-present tranquil state of mind. The feeling that goes along with this state of mind is often mellow or enthusiastic. It is a feeling of enthusiasm without the restless adrenaline rush that you might encounter in certain occasions. Stillness is a sense of perfect calm and being content. Practice Meditation to discover it.

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