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Buddha Zen tarot

Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness is one of the Four Virtues in Buddhism next to Equanimity, Compassion and Sympathetic Joy.

Loving Kindness is the conscious choice to look at everything with Love and Compassion. With a loving Heart as the background everything you encounter in your life will flow more easily.

Loving Kindness is what most people feel if they see a child making its first steps. It is a mixture of tenderness and encouragement that you perceive when the child tries to maintain balance, toddles and enjoys its success. If the child falls you don't feel angry. Neither do you help it to stand up. You just accept and enjoy. This is Loving Kindness.

It is a fact of life that many of us struggle with being mild. One of the reasons is perfectionism which is unfortunately an integral part of our society as we know it. Perfectionism is a self destructive belief system that tries to minimize risks of negative feelings such as shame and Fear. 'What will others think of me?' Your system tries to avoid criticism by trying to be perfect in the eyes of others.

The criticism is something that exists outside of you and therefore out of your control. Therefore perfectionism will never lead to Happiness. Buddhism teaches that the solutions to our problems are within you and not outside. Hence Buddha teaches how you can open and sweeten your mind to experience more Love and Compassion in your life.

You can bring about positive change to your thoughts by Practice of Metta Meditation. If you have never tried it, try it frequently the coming time. Through Practice you will discover that you will feel better. It starts with loving yourself. Once the resistance to truly Love yourself is dropped, you will experience more and more situations of Compassion. Love yourself in order to be able to Love others.

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