ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

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Buddha Zen tarot


Generosity is the beginning of the Middle Way. The Buddha Teachings always begin with Generosity. It is also one of the wholesome states of the mind together with Loving Kindness and Intuitive Wisdom and hence important to cultivate.

Dana stands for giving. Giving in any form you may think of. It is the Buddhist Practice of cultivating unattached and unconditional Generosity and according to the Buddha cultivation of Generosity is the beginning of spiritual awakening.

Make yourself happy by taking delight in the Happiness of others. Generosity is the fulfillment of charity. Be a noble person. Do not regard yourself superior to someone else. There is nothing noble on feeling superior to another living being.

Never look into the defects of others. Always appreciate the good qualities of everyone.

Focus only on being superior to your former self. Focus on your own spiritual development.

One who can observe any situation with Equanimity and is able to ignore faults of others, will be better in sharing with others. Giving may come in many forms. It may be material things, Loving Kindness, spiritual guidance or something else. The essence is the motivation of Generosity. It should be based on proper principles in order for the receiver to accept your gift with Gratitude.

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