ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

ZEN BUDDHA | Buddha Zen tarot

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Buddha Zen tarot


Trust life. True Freedom is to act on your Intuition. To set your disturbing thoughts aside. When really trusting yourself something magical opens up.

Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. It comes from within. It is your responsibility to use it wisely. Pursue your own goals that you find worthwhile. Live this Freedom as long as it does not deprive others from theirs. Be sure that your goals are based on proper principles that benefit our planet.

Be careful that you do not become a prisoner of your own desires while seeking Freedom. This would be Freedom based on Ego-desire. Buddhism practices Freedom that arises out of nothing. It surges from the creative source. It is the Trust you feel to do something good. A strive for peace and Happiness.

You always have the Freedom to choose. How limited your possibilities may look. You have the Freedom. Sometimes it takes a lot of Courageous Effort to choose the right way as anxiety, Fear or other negative emotions hold you back.

Freedom is the power to determine action without restraint. Freedom is from within and therefore depends on your clear and light mind. Cultivate your mind, Trust your Intuition and contribute to Freedom for all living beings.

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