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If we are honest to ourselves we have to confess that we are quite creative in telling (small) lies to ourselves.

  • "Yes you are right I did not do what I promised BUT..."
  • "I don't like to gossip. Have you heard that.."

If you can't be honest to yourself, that is to act with integrity, no Trust will be present in any relationship. So let's start to come clean with yourself.

The exercise

  • Take some time for yourself, slow down
  • Take a situation that happened recently in which you used:
    • a "Yes, BUT" sentence
    • where your behaviour was not in line with your intention or Purpose
    • any other situation were you lied about your own honesty.
  • It is necessary to understand that you need to accept your (small) lie first. What we resist persists. Understand that everything you Experience is human, including your own lies. Not having them would be inhuman. Therefore it is oke. Accept them fully in order to be able to change your behavior.
  • Now do the following:
    • Truly admit that you did it. "Yes I did not tell you, because I was afraid to do so." This Acceptance of your Fear will bring Freedom.
    • With this Freedom you will be able to investigate what caused your 'dishonesty'. Again be honest during this investigation. Pretending being someone else than you really are consumes energy and destroys the ability to live in Harmony.
    • Use a 'mirror' during your investigation. As the root cause of your actions always come from within. It is never someone else's fault/mistake. It is how you react on that external circumstance.
    • Do not condemn yourself for what happened. Understand that you had no other options but to act as you did with the knowledge you had at that very moment.
    • Visualise how you will act next time in a certain situation with your newly obtained Wisdom.

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