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In order to love another human being you need to love yourself first. First some inspiration on how to love yourself although you had / have quite some challenge. Luckily there are many more great examples just like Nicholas that have found their Equanimity.

Metta Chanting

The video below shows Metta chanting by Imee Ooi. The chanting of Metta also known as Loving Kindness radiates love towards all beings.

The chanting is soothing, uplifting and a great healing for the world. May all beings be happy, live in peace and Harmony.

Click here for a translation of the text

Body Scans

Practice loving yourself (and your body) with one of these (body scan) Meditations. They differ quite a lot in order for you to see what type suits you.

Option 1: 10 minute guided meditation

Option 2: 30 minute Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Option 3: 40 minute Body repair scan by Bhante Boddhidhamma

Bodycare Meditation MP3

Option 4: Find your own Compassion and or Loving Kindness Practice.

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