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How can we be compassionate with people that display behaviour we see as wrong? For instance you might find it wrong that a mother hits her child for trying to cross the street without looking first.

Understand that whether we all agree or disagree with your point of view is not important. What is more interesting to discover is how you can change your view towards this situation. Observe what causes your resistance. Once analysed you basically have two options:

  • make the situation acceptable for yourself; and/or
  • cultivate sufficient Compassion to be able to enter into a dialogue with sufficient respect and understanding in order to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.

If you find yourself judging someone's behaviour as wrong stop your thoughts. Let go of your beliefs and start to search for the positive intention behind the behaviour that you believe you are seeing.

Some examples

  • The mother hitting her child is an act of love as she fears that her child will be run over by a truck
  • Someone who behaves very stubborn and pushy might be very dedicated to achieving the target that is set
  • Someone who tends to postpone making unfavourable decisions might not want to hurt other people's feelings
  • Someone who steals food might do that because he is afraid that otherwise his or her family will starve to death

See what happens with your perception when looking at the situation with this different point of view. Do you feel more compassion already? Seeing and exploring multiple points of view will enhance your relationship to that person and build Trust.

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