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As mentioned in the book Trust is essential for Right Understanding. This exercise focuses on restoring your Trust in a relationship where you feel that the Trust factor has diminished.

The exercise:

  • Select a relationship where you perceive a lack of Trust from your side.
  • Imagine yourself being the other person. You might use some visualisation technique if this helps. Imagine being that person, waking up, having breakfast with the family, going to work etc. or doing the things that person loves (hobbies etc.).
  • Now 'being' the other person have a look at the situations in which you perceive a lack of Trust.
  • Write down his/her possible point of view.
  • Validate the outcome of your exercise the next time you speak to the other person.
  • Understand that everything is impermanent and so that your observation is not valid for long. Both you and the other person's thoughts are changing constantly. Hence keep your Focus on validating whether your Right Understanding is still valid.

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