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This exercise focuses on practicing non-judgment. Or maybe better it focuses on creating awareness on how often we judge a situation instead of only observing the situation. Judging implies analysing, interpreting the situation according to our own beliefs and hence creating our own reality. Creating awareness of the fact that you are extremely judgmental is the first step to take in order to become less judgmental and more observing. Before doing the exercise see the difference between the judgement and the observation.

  • He walked out of the room at high speed and the door made a lot of noise when it closed.
  • He left the room angry and slammed the door with great frustration.

The second sentence is clearly more judgmental than the first sentence. And even the first sentence still contains judgment. The observer in this instance perceives the closing of the door as 'a lot of noise' and also that the person leaves the room at 'high speed'. But what is 'a lot of noise' and what is 'high speed'?

The exercise:

Take five minutes to observe your surroundings. Preferably in a surrounding were some activity is present e.g. waiting at a bus station or sitting on a park bench. Watch the people / objects around you and write down your feelings and thoughts that you have. If you have written down 10 situations see whether these are pure observations or judgments.

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