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Strength and vulnerability are not opposites. Vulnerability requires great Willpower and Courageous Effort. However, most people are convinced that you always have to be stronger, smarter and more in charge than the person next to you. We need to drop this delusion in order to transcend our current being. Here are three sub-exercises that have been successfully used by Business Leaders that had difficulties making real connections with their surroundings.

Let's first start with a lecture on Vulnerability


The next time you Experience feelings of vulnerability admit it and speak it out. Putting it out in the open brings more authenticity and transparency. If you can show your vulnerability it creates space for the other to be vulnerable as well. Be aware that you speak from within. You feel vulnerable, because you experience something it has got nothing to do with the other person. Here is an example of two ways how to communicate your feelings for the same matter

1. I feel slightly frustrated as I it seems to me that no one listened to my opinion in the meeting. I would like to feel more part of the team and be part of the solution by sharing my thoughts

2. I hate it that no one listens to me as all of you think that you are the most important people on the planet and know it all

Be more authentic, show your vulnerability today and understand that it is actually your strength that you are showing.


The exercise

  • At the end of the day write down
    • When you felt vulnerable
    • Why you felt vulnerable
    • What qualities that you don't like about yourself you were trying to hide
    • What the consequences were of not showing your vulnerability
    • What the consequences could have been when you would have showed your vulnerability. You may use the worst case scenario exercise for this matter. (worst case scenario exercise)
  • Decide how you can let your vulnerability work for you in the future


If you are able to really accept your imperfections this will create an incredible Freedom for you.

The exercise

  • Write down your perceived weaknesses
  • Write down why this 'weakness' could be a gift. When did it serve you?
  • Embrace your weakness

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