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We are data rich, but information poor. We have so many sources of information directly available to us that it is very easy to get fully absorbed by them. All that information tells us it is very important and must be absorbed by you. Even the FaceBook post by a vague acquaintance that tells you he's having a cup of coffee screams for your attention.

Zen Buddha invites you to take an information low diet for one week to test whether the following assumptions are valid

  • Modern man consumes too much information and from the wrong sources
  • Information overload leads to stress, anxiety, craving and other unwholesome states of mind
  • Selective ignorance makes you more productive instead of less productive

The exercise

  • Take a one-week media break
    • Don't read the newspaper
    • Don't watch the late night news
    • Don't surf the web unless you have a specific purpose
  • Afraid that you will miss out on 'important matters'? No worries, your environment will talk about it. Additional benefit instead of stating your opinion you can ask what the other thinks about the situation They will love your attention.
  • You are only allowed to read your Personal Vision document this week
  • Use the extra time you have created by means of your information low diet to manifest your Personal Vision into reality
  • Of course if you need to make an informed decision you definitely should make use of available information sources in order to arrive at a decision. That is selective absorption of information that stimulates Wisdom

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