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We all have adopted limiting beliefs throughout our lives. They may have been taught to you by people that really care about you, for instance your parents, teachers or spiritual leaders, however it might be possible that they currently limit you in realising your full potential.

Don't condemn yourself for abandoning the advice that was given to you at that time. It might well be the case that at that time it did serve you, however as everything changes it might be time to discard these beliefs.

Hence it is time to become aware of beliefs that limit you and replace them for beliefs that will work for you instead of against you.

The exercise

  • Write down three beliefs that your parents told you that hold you back.
  • Write down three beliefs that teachers / trainers told you that hold you back
  • Write down three beliefs that opinion makers / managers told you that hold you back
  • Take a look at this list and investigate what the positive intention behind their message might have been. See also exercise Compassion: In search for the positive intention. Write these down also.
  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself thanking your parents / teachers / trainers / opinion makers / managers for their good intention. Also tell them that you are going to approach the intention with a newly designed, improved, positive belief.
  • Transform the limiting belief into an empowering, positive belief.

Here are some examples:

  • The world is a dangerous place -> The world offers challenges I can experience in order to obtain more Wisdom
  • I don't eat cake because it makes me fat -> I eat vegetables because it makes me feel healthy
  • I do sports otherwise I get stressed -> I do sports because it makes me feel relaxed

Understand the nuances given in the examples above. Sometimes the intention of your belief might be right, however by expressing it negatively (it makes me fat instead of it makes me feel healthy) will have an impact on how it manifests itself. Even the thought 'I want to be happy' only creates 'wanting'. Hence a better belief / affirmation will be 'I am grateful that I am on the right path on becoming happier'.

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