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We all display behaviour that is not in line with our intentions. It is part of being human. For instance you really do love your partner, but you have a habit of reacting with fierce emotions if he or she does not listen to what you say.

Applying positive affirmations and visualising these affirmations will help you to approach certain situations with more Enthusiasm. The wonderful thing about these affirmations is that the more we use them, the more our life starts resembling them. Here is the exercise

  • Write down your affirmation. A good affirmation is:
    • Positive
    • Personal (I do / I ask / I believe)
    • Written in present tense
    • Containing a feeling (feeling grateful, happy, at ease)
  • Now sit down in a comfortable place with a relaxed state of mind and visualise your affirmation for a few minutes. The more detail the better

An example of an affirmation related to the earlier example might be: It is satisfying that I respond with Gratitude towards my partner if she or he does not respond as I had expected. I can be grateful, as I trust her/his good intention. You then visualise several situations where you would apply this affirmation. The visualization helps you to more easily display the behaviour once the future situation arises.

Three other examples of positive affirmations:

  • I feel secure while speaking for an audience as the message I wish to share is of value for everyone
  • I feel good during the day following my diet without effort to reach my ideal weight of 68 kgs
  • I feel proud of myself when I speak out my own desires instead of following someone else's agenda

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