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Courage stems from the Latin word 'cor', which means Heart. Courage is speaking from your Heart. To speak and act honestly. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Courageous effort is to conquer your Fear, not to be fearless. Often in our communication we are afraid to communicate what we feel, even if it is a positive message. You might not express your praise towards another because you are afraid that the other person will see you as being weak or vulnerable. Practice to see vulnerability as a strength, it will open up a new dimension.

Here are two vulnerability exercises to practice daily

  • Each day say something positive to a person that you know. If the reaction is positive. Repeat the exercise with someone else that you know. If you perceive the reaction as negative, take a break and start over tomorrow.
  • Go into a conversation with someone you don't know or normally would not speak to. Maybe the colleague on the other side of the room, the janitor, your neighbour across the street, the cab driver, someone next to you in a waiting room, anyone. What to say? What your heart tells you to say or just say 'hello' and smile and see what happens.

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