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Buddhism its core ingredients are Wisdom and Loving Kindness.

With a loving heart as a basis all that you do, all challenges that you encounter will flow more easily. Prior to loving others you need to love yourself. Without loving yourself it is almost impossible to love others. Loving Kindness Meditation also known as Metta Meditation first focuses on you. It makes uses of mantra's (recitations) to plant Wholeseome seeds of Loving Kindness in your heart.

The exercise:

  • Write down four phrases that best open your heart of kindness.
  • If you are in need for inspiration consider looking at your Persional Vision document, you may find some signposts there for Loving Kindness phrases. Next tot that here are some examples:
    • May I be filled with love
    • May I be safe
    • May I be healthy in mind & body
    • May I be relaxed
  • Learn your sentences by heart
  • Find a comfortable place where you can sit without being disturbed
  • Start your meditation by breathing gently
  • Start reciting the phrases directed towards your well-being.
  • If helpful, let images and feelings support your meditation through visualisation.
  • Observe the feelings it brings in your body.
  • Accept those feelings, at times there may be resistance towards those feelings, leading to feelings contrary to Loving Kindness such as anger. If this happens be patient towards yourself, Practice Acceptance.
  • Once you find you have developed sufficient Loving Kindness for yourself expand your Loving Kindness intention to others as well.
  • Expand your Loving Kindness Meditation gradually. First start with someone that is close to you. Meditate your phrases e.g. 'May you be safe, May you be healthy.'
  • Eventually you will be able to apply your Loving Kindness Meditation in dealing with your worst enemies as well and create Compassion.

See also the bodyscan meditation to become more compassionate towards yourself here.

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