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In order to Experience your Energy ensure that you follow SEE. That is Sleep well, Eat well, prior to doing your Exercise well.

Remember to start slow, trusting in the process, as this will in turn help you create a sustainable routine, ultimately leading to deep-rooted wellness.

A good night sleep is vital for your well-being. A lack of sleep leads to a higher probability of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Furthermore your Mind is less stable when you are not rested. Most research nowadays states that people need 6.5 - 7.5 hours sleep per night in order to be most happy & healthy. If you have slept less than you are used to and feel tired see whether you can take a powernap somewhere during the day to re-energize.

Here are some sleeping tips:

  • Stick to a regular sleep schedule where possible
  • Don't go to bed either on an empty stomach or stuffed, your discomfort might keep you up
  • Easy on nicotine, caffeine and alcohol or even better totally refrain from it
  • Try and relax with a ritual prior to going to bed. For instance listening to a relaxing song or looking at (holiday) pictures that give you good feelings
  • Avoid television, computer screens prior to going to bed

Once the sleep & eat elements are in order Exercise!

This can either be Yoga (see the next exercise), making a walk in the evening, cycling, swimming or do a few minutes strength training on a daily basis. The possibilities are unlimited; choose an activity that suits you. If you feel resistance use your Willpower to overcome your resistance and soon you will reap the benefits of the exercise. Experience your Energy!

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