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ZEN BUDDHA | Zen Buddha Exercises

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Practice of yogic exercises helps you connect your Mind & Body through which you can increase your Wisdom and Compassion. It engages your whole being.

The following three videos will give you some Yoga exercises to start with. If you feel these work for you go and find a Yoga school in your area to do your exercises structurally. It is more fun to Practice together if possible!

In order to Experience your Energy ensure that you follow SEE. That is Sleep well, Eat well, prior to doing your Exercise well.

Remember to start slow, trusting in the process, as this will in turn help you create a sustainable routine, ultimately leading to deep-rooted wellness.

http://www.ekhartyoga.com/video/complete-beginners-part-one-standing-postures# http://www.ekhartyoga.com/video/vinyasa-flow-yoga-for-beginners-part-1# http://www.ekhartyoga.com/video/anusara-yoga-for-beginners-class-1

As Yoga also cultivates your spiritual being it is recommended. If you wish to exercise otherwise this is of course also a very good option.

Exercise can be anything ranging from practicing sports professionally to taking a walk in the evening, cycling, swimming or do a few minutes strength training on a daily basis.

The possibilities are unlimited; choose an activity that suits you. If you feel resistance use your Willpower to overcome your resistance and soon you will reap the benefits of the exercise. Experience your Energy!

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