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A healthy diet is also vital for your well-being. There is an overload of nutritional information present on the internet. First some general remarks on nutrition and thereafter a little more specific diet, which has worked very well for me and might serve as a guideline.

General nutrition

  • Eat enough, both overeating as well as not eating sufficient are detrimental to your overall well-being
  • Eat Mindful, which implies slowly and consciously observing what and how you eat
  • Try a (more) vegetarian lifestyle where possible. Eat vegetables, as your Body needs a lot of energy to digest large quantities of meat.
  • Eat in a structured manner and where possible in smaller portions
  • Although general Do's and Don'ts exist a diet is personal. Every body is different. Hence see what works for you and what doesn't

Guideline diet

Here I state the characteristics of a healthy diet that have worked for me. As stated above: every Body is different so please see for yourself what works best. The tips below only serve as ideas for making amendments in your diet. This diet gave me sufficient energy to perform 4 - 5 hours of intensive physical exercise per week, lose overall weight and built muscle at the same time while feeling energized.

  • Low carbohydrates, high protein
  • Actually it were slow carbohydrates as these have good nutritional value, such as beans and peas. Avoid a surplus of white carbohydrates (white bread, pasta). If you wish to try this you need to focus on carbohydrates with a low GI value. health harvard glycemic index
  • Don't drink calories (soda's etc.).
  • Limit refined sugars. These are actually turned into fats as your liver is not able to handle too much sugar and therefore converts it into fat. Understand that refined sugars are in many products
  • Eat organic ingredients if possible
  • In case you are hungry resist unhealthy snacks such as energy bars, chips etcetera. What works is a proper sandwich, a small portion of the meal you had (leftover) or cooked eggs. A glass of water works as well, as your brain is not able to make the distinction between solid food or liquid. Of course keep in mind that you should eat sufficient.
  • If you feel like 'cheating' on your diet. Do it and do it shamelessly! Enjoy your misbehaviour, if you really misbehave you will wish to return to your healthy diet very quickly.

Again diet is very personal, Experience what works for you and if you really wish to make transformational changes do seek advice from a professional.

Once the sleep & eat elements are in order Exercise!

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