ZEN BUDDHA | About Zen buddha

ZEN BUDDHA | About Zen buddha

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What is Zen buddha

Namaste noble visitor!

Zen Buddha provides infotainment with a serious & powerful Buddhist message. It is the online platform that stimulates deeper self-knowledge with the intention that its visitors are able to live a life with more Balance and Stillness.

Zen Buddha believes that the world we live in is very complex and the majority of its inhabitants suffers very frequently. Zen Buddha intents to facilitate its visitors with signposts to (start to) live a more balanced and peaceful life by living in The Now. Living in The Now, also called Presence or Mindfulness facilitates this process as emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, inferiority, shame, desire can only exist in the past or future. One who is able to live in The Now will experience an enlightened state. In order to reach this state of Enlightenment the Buddha recognized that one should face & confront the aforementioned Suffering in order to become awakened. Zen Buddha hopes to guide you in your journey to realize a higher state of awareness.

We wish you lots of 'Metta' (the universal, unselfish and all-embracing Love).

Zen buddha

In case you wish to contact us to share your ideas regarding Zen-Buddha.com please send us an e-mail at: namaste@zen-buddha.com